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Hey! So, I know I had the FAWM File Hosting thing with my donation in February... Does that extend to 50/90? Like, can I still use FAWM File Hosting? Do I need to make a new donation?

I'm not really sold on the idea of hosting elseweb... I'd rather it be a FAWM/5090 thing, to be honest. So the question is really - do I need to make a new donation?

good question- i'd like to know the answer as well. I'd make another donation if i needed to, of course... but yeah, need to get this sorted out.

Oh good, so I'm not the only one who doesn't know. Smile

From Help/FAQ page:

"I have MP3 demos. Does 50/90 host them?

If you want us to! 50/90 does offer hosting to those that donate $25 or more. See the Merch/Donations page for more info. If you already have webspace of your own, or $25 is too rich for your blood, there are several other ways to get your demo heard on 50/90, including Soundcloud, Bandcamp or other file hosting options."

So I guess you have to make a new donation. But it's worth it, I'm sure!

I imagine that if you wanted to you could still use the FAWM file hosting, but why not just make a donation to 50/90 as well?

I’ve been struggling with this decision ever since FAWM ended. My Soundcloud account was almost maxed out after 2 FAWMs and a half of 50/90, so I had to remove a bunch of recordings (losing all comments, reshares, etc). But, hosting here, they eventually go away as well, however it’s easier to share them all in one spot... I don’t know, but I’ll be donating to 50/90 either way.

I never used my FAWM file-hosting during FAWM, but tried to upload files pre-50/90 and it didn't work. Unless I did something wrong, I'm guessing that FAWM file hosting stops allowing uploads shortly after FAWM ends.
I'm fine with donating another $25 for 50/90, as I know the money is more about keeping our community going, and the file-hosting is just another nice added feature to make sharing easier.

The file hosting for a previous event closes a bit before the next event (events = FAWM and 50/90). We don't take down old files (unless the web hosting company complains, and then we make sure to announce it in advance--we've had to do this once since we started offering File Hosting). So, the links to your FAWM 2018 songs should still work. There's just not an option to upload more to that folder now.

So, if you want 50/90 to provide file hosting for your 2018 output, you will need to donate another $25.

On the upside, any donation of $10 or more will get you the Rock Hand. So, there's that. Smile

Ah, thanks Jen. I assumed that was pretty much how it would work...

So basically, at this point, I won't be posting any songs for the first week or two. That is, to afford the USD$25 will take me a couple of weeks... I'll probably be recording tracks anyway, ready to go as soon as my donation is verified. But yeah... No posts in week 1, at least.


It all works out in the end. Smile

ok, I just donated $25 (via credit card) and sent an email to the donate (at) fawm email, .... not sure how many songs I'll be doing this 50/90, but hey, gotta be ready (and support in a small way all the fine folks here who make this whole thing possible)

How soon can you donate before the challenge starts

You can donate now. Donations were open a few days ago. Some folks have already done it. You've reminded me it's time for me to get on and make a donation now. Smile