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I know there was once
A smart Fifty-Ninety tag.
But I've forgotten...

I don't remember.
But that's how it goes, it seems
As you get older.

FiNiKu it were
Long as a summer shadow
Stretching forever

I am so helpful
I changed the name of this thread
So it has both names.

Or maybe I should
Apologize for the change
Confusion reigns now

A new tongue is born:
"Hecku aka finiku"
(Bless all who enter)

No apologies!
Jen the miracle worker...
"Make me young again!"

Hecku, FiNiku -
What's in a name, anyhow?
Either's just as sweet Smile

Politeness must rule.
No matter how FiNiku,
No heckling allowed!

I once sneezed the sound:
Nose quite out of joint!

I just bought rock hands.
This makes me very happy.
Almost time to start!

Packing made easy!
Switched on the travel laptop,
Its wall wart packed up.

All the fuses blown...
Embrace the dark midwinter!
Start off with a bang!

To-do list is long
I should be getting busy -
But first, FiNiku!

somewhere in Finland
"hecku" was a place, I thot-
then I read the thread

To get out of bed
Or not to get out of bed
That is the question

I need some rock hands!
I gotta get on that soon.
Time is running short!

Hey there, Adnama;
You gotta get out of bed

The gold ratio:
3 songs for each syllable
Success on both counts!

The moon is so bright
I wonder if you see it
And my heart gets weak

I see the moon, Haim.
I don't think I'm the person
You're thinking of, though.

Mr. Armstrong's dog
Swallowed watch on tranquil sea;
Barking lunar tick!

Is quite a vague phrase, I bet
I can draw that out!

Getting out of bed
is highly overrated;
Best to skip a day

Up at 5 a.m.
My body took its revenge:
Two-hour morning nap

I will not complain
But living with a chronic
Ailment sucks. That's all.

Only one more week
The starting line moves closer
then thoughts become songs

Complain, @metalfoot!
It's a form of medicine!
F**k chronic ailments!

How to tag people?
Square brackets don't seem to work.
I can't remember!

Hello, @Fuzzy
Brackets plus @ sign, maybe?
Have I tagged you now?

Look! A new button!
We can now reply to posts!
That is very cool Smile

Or maybe not new?
Memory ain't so good now
Brain cells getting old

Square brackets work fine
but don't get too excited:
[No exclamations!]

One feels like a duck
Splashing about in this wet
Thus, one is happy!

Just bought a notebook
Off to sharpen pencils now
Yes, I'm old-fashioned!

My computer died
It's autoharp and phone now
Old fashioned, me too

Fixed the damn thing already!
Exclamation point! Smile

In a world so sad
Music spreads healing ripples
Through troubled waters

Speaking of "waters",
I just got out of the pool.
It is so hot here.

Hot is relative
Thought it was hot in Texas
Then went to Phoenix :0

I cannot complain
Weather here is very mild
Well, could use a storm...

So...how much longer
Do I have to wait until
This gets underway?

1 2 3 4 5
Five more days until it starts
Not very long now

Syntax. Made up rules.
So petty, and so useful.
Rules to be broken.

Just looked at the moon
Stood quietly, breathing the air
The world was asleep.

Barbara, can you
Go too far when breaking the
Rules you are breaking?

Sometimes you need to
Put the brakes on rule breaking.
Don't get out of hand!

rules, laws, policies
permit, protect, prohibit
but ethics prevail

undo rules enough
you'll be left with LyriCloud
and no shared meaning

Points of great importance are
Being revealed here.

Without breaking rules
There would be no rock & roll
Where'd we be then, hmmm???