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RAEANNE: "The scene I’m planning on using for this involves the protagonist’s lowest point. It would need a hopeless feel to it to match a cold colour pallet as he loses his sense of self and turns threatening as the threat of the story (the Nukelavee) returns. It would sound this way before possibly transitioning into a more hopeful, triumphant sound as the protagonist finally stands alone and defeats his foe, ultimately saving his home and essentially returning to life."

@splittybooms Hey - if you want a fun videogame type challenge - look at the photo from Christian:
I don't know if we need to design sounds for one of these tanks. But just in case... you want to try it?

*33422 a very rough attempt at a theme and variations for Joshua's project.

*33464 is my take on Raeanne's supernatural Celtic tale. She's happy, I'm happy. But, if you have an idea, write and record it. It may fit her finished project better!
Joshua and 3 other students lurk in the wings.

Just got this from Trimmeh
Alright! Ill link my story. Im looking for some dark fantasy/dreamy/etheral music for my story!
Just the first part is my story!

I unfortunately know nothing about making sound effects, so I would have to pass on that aspect of it Sad
Would just like a try when someone needs music for a game. Thank you for asking, though!

@splittybooms No prob. I'll try to keep you posted if game music pops up.

TRIMMEH: "I want to go with the scene where the wizard wakes up the princess gets woken up and the villagers attempt to forcibly put her back to sleep"

At this time, life is requiring all my spare bandwidth, and I'm not in a position for foley creation - I hate to sound like I'm backing out when I haven't even gotten started, but I don't see myself having the time to properly work on this project for a couple weeks. I will check back in then and see if there's anything I can help with but right now I am needed other places. Best of luck, you guys!!!

It's an interesting and a challenging task. Here is my attempt: *33557

There's a new one... Rick has a phone game that needs music for different movie genres.

Just saw this today at the Discord site:

SEP 19
Heard a rumor this is where all the music people hide? Like to introduce myself - names Rick, I'm a second year game art and design student, working on my final game. Hi!

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you guys.
So my game is called - Stuntman Stan. Stan is a chicken who performs stunts for all the big name movies. The game itself I can only describe, in the most simplest and easiest way as - think angry birds, but rather then sending birds flying through the air. Stan has a set path which he will be sent flying. As the stunt coordinator, your job is to place down- boxes, airbags, landing pads, etc, so Stan will land safely.
The game - Each set of stunts will have a movie theme (western, sifi, etc.), be light hearted casual fun, Bold colours, Pixar looking animal characters, and roadrunner type stunts.
As for music alone (not included sound effects). any fun catchy jingles you can come up with would help greatly! Also a few chilled relaxing tunes for Stan's caravan (which is where you will view trophies, costumes, rewards in between movies). A bunch of ambient noises would be amazing too if you have any.
Oh, Not sure if this will kill your creativity or give an added Challenge, but this game is for the phone, so file size needs to be of a small size, but still of decent quality.
Thanks guys!

Sounds very interesting, I would love to have a go at creating music for this game. Please kindly let us know when any of our compositions are used. Maybe we need a Facebook link to keep the project going unless it's already on Facebook?

There's another game project: @Oiral has a firefighting game. Let these songs inspire you to write music


Are the details housed somewhere?
Just kinda want to see if this could be something I could be useful for...

So sorry. @splittybooms. I didn't see this until today. There are a few more details on the Discord server.
I'll PM the address to you. I think it's posted in this thread, too.