Scam/Spam to be wary of (SoundCloud)

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For those unaware, but using Soundcloud to host their tracks, don't accept offers to "submit your music" to Scoop Records, who may well have immediately Liked your new 5090 track before it's had one play...and there are others but at least they're sort-of-honest in stating ouright they'll get you lots of follwoers if you pay them.

I used to have a pro account with Soundcloud until the activity from spam accounts like theirs drowned out any genuine listens. Soundcloud's inability to fix (or even slightly control) the problem has rendered it unusable as a serious music platform, IMO.

Yeah, I'll get one of those every time I post, usually within a few minutes. I usually ignore them all.

Been using soundcloud forever and those spam accounts just won't die. Soundcloud has gone through some rough times financially and were on the brink of croaking...but if memory serves (yeah right) some other big company bought them out or something...i dunno. Still hasn't stopped the bots, though. I block/report them immediately. But yeah, its kinda part of the soundcloud culture, haha...
There are a lot of those types of spam accounts under the name of regular sounding people. At first it was disheartening because I'm mean...I want actual people to listen to my stuff and engage with me, and I see someone did! Oops nope...spam.
But now its just expected and a slight chore to report/block.

I should add, I'm using soundcloud this year for simplicity, as an outside platform that along with youtube streams instantly on the website (otherwise I'd use Bandcamp). I don't see soundcloud as a viable platform otherwise. Almost everything of mine will end up on Spotify eventually, where it will make and average of $0.000000000000000000000007 per stream...

Soundcloud seems to attract for some reason all the spam accounts and it's annoying to see how all of them immediately swing into action once I post anything at all. I occasionally use it but I'm there rather out of memory for the Soundcloud it once was. I feel nostalgic...

@musicsongwriter Nadia if it makes you feel any better, I STILL have a soundclick account, which I occasionally visit in a fit of nostalgia...2003? 2005?

@Tim Fatchen the same here, I can't remember when I joined soundclick but I still keep an account there and upload music on some occasions. The same is for youtube. Every site I've joined changed and I miss the old way each site once was. Thank you Tim for your understanding.

Yes, @musicsongwriter the platforms all went wrong, every single one of them. crashed and burnt; wouldn't let its serious community be a community, and so lost its golden opportunity, myspace came and failed--and I think supernews put it well: --youtube spat us all out and kept its golden advertising stream (except for super superstars, that is). Just strange and amazing....

@Tim Fatchen yes, sadly can't argue with any of your observations. I wish it wasn't the case but alas everything is going commercial and spammy.
I feel fawm and 50/90 are the exceptions though.