Welcome to 50/90 2018

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Welcome everyone! Lets make some music!

First Dirol

I am glad to be back! I'm looking forward to an awesome time!!

AWESOME. Thank you, Eric! Smile

I really think that I will give it a try.
It would be first time for me on 50/90.
Wonder how it will be like!

Wow! It's like a whole different universe... empty with no music.
Hmmmm.... let' fill it up

Thanks, Eric!

I hope everyone has a good, productive, music-filled Summer (or Winter, if that's how things are in your part of the world)!

New name, new me - Glad to be here and looking forward to skirmishes, collabs and listening to great music!

Thanks Eric Smile hi everyone, looking forward to my 7th 5090 - Have fun all Smile

Hooray! It's up! Just as I pack to leave...Due to family wedding in Brisbane and other things, I can't actually start 5090 until mid July. I'll be in and out with gaps of a couple of weeks because of work (in my "new" incarnation of rental property renovator, which gives us our current living). But having missed msot of FAWM 2018, and with even more of FAWM 2019 likely to disappear, it's 5090 I'll have to concentrate on!

Yay! It's back online!!!!!!

Thank you for the playground, @Eric Distad!

Hello, hello, everyone!! We're gonna have FUN!

Nice to be back and walking the grounds before opening day ceremonies.

Is this a dream? It all seems so familiar, yet brand new...


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Hello everybody! Have a summer of fun creating new MUSIC Smile Dirol

Looking forward to this!

Big thanks Eric! Smile

Thanks Eric and Jen, and all the other hard working folks behind this playground! Counting down!

Yay. It's alive!!!!

Hurrah, looking forward to writing some new tunes again.
Thanks to the people that are making 50/90 possible.

I am making my preparations by planning to live another ninety days at least.

I wanted to wait until I got my rock hand to post on the re-booted site. Well, here I am for my 10th time.

waving!! I moved, I sold my keyboard arranger. Demos will be harder but,,SO PSYCHED TO BE JOINING YOU ALL AGAIN!!


Welcome back! I see a lot of familiar faces and some people I haven't met before. Let's get all creative and write some cool music!

My rock hands should be appearing soon, along with file hosting so I can post up some new things.

Hello!! Thanks Eric, for making this site what it is!

Peace and love and rock n roll to all!

2nd fyny, let’s have a ball!

Hi everyone! All set? I'm not! :P

Hey. Hope this is a Summer of the best songs of your life. Thank you to Eric and all who make this possible.

I'm back! The first time I did this I wrote 5 songs, not 50. Last year I ended up with 28, the most ever. Progress!

I still don't view 50 as an important goal, I'd rather write fewer/better songs than try to hit that magic number. If I do LOTS of skirmishes, though...

Hey everybody. Klaus is here. Anti-Klaus might also be here. You have been warned! Smile

Will the dad bod save the world????

Wishing all a wonderfully fun 50/90!

Hey folks, I look forward to listening to lots of your awesome tunes this summer!

Like @Fuzzy, I'm definitely excited both about writing and about listening to a lot of great new songs this 50/90!

Hey folks, I look forward to listening to lots of your awesome tunes this summer!

@Klaus Good! There may be a "Tale of Two Klauses" in the works if you're not careful. You have been warned!

Yes! So excited to be back! Thanks for providing us the playground space, Eric!

Hello everyone ! From a scorchingly hot west coast of Ireland (as in 41.1C in my garden on Friday evening !!) Our normal June average high temp is 17C and July is a massive 19C. hmmmm lol

Howdy. Checking to see if I have my rock hands! [EDIT: OMG, I DON'T!! Oh, the humanity. Heck I bought a sweatshirt in February and everything. Do I have to shell out another $10?!!]

Looking forward to interacting with all of you!

*Waves Hello* Smile

Hello everyone!

Hi all
Won't be gone all summer, so hoping to participate in 5090


Helloooo. A little anxious. A little excited. Gearing up for 3 months of no sleep.

Hey all! *hugs and high fives* One more sleep til 50/90!!! Biggrin

Countdown to the newest music--- 15 hours 27 minutes! 50 songs in 90 days!!!