My EP "Piirakka Enlightenment"

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Whom is enlightened on the piirakka, the weird thing my Grandma makes that I never really knew the name of until recently. Not to be confused with the Piraka. This is an EP I made after FAWM and it's 6 of the best songs I could've made at this point. It starts with 3 jangle tunes and ends with 3 rock n' roll songs. If you want to skip to the goods check out "The Shy Lightning" and "Camp Lazlo". This is my assertively Canadian EP as well. I've made another 6 song EP since then, but this is the one that's worth noting, not the other one...

Your grandma is Finnish? "Piirakka" means "pie" in Finnish. Biggrin

Yup! Both Grandparents on my Dad's side (spoiler alert my real name is not even close to Barry Goldman!).My Grandma was born in Ladoga Karelia. I know all about the piirakka (which I mean the Karelian kind), pulla, pancakes and so on. I like to bring these little things into my music and plus...piirakka is a damn cool word.

Good work, @Barry Goldman! Really enjoyed that. The first track has a kinda New Order vibe in places, quite a different sound for you.

Looking forward to hearing more stuff from you once 50/90 kicks off!

Thanks very much for listening Mr. Vorton, "A New York Morning" is a wonder in that, I know I made it but I'm not really sure how it came about now...I used a drum machine to write the first half of this EP (of course playing live drums to the beat) which helped make things tighter, and I really wanted to make that song feel like a song you know instead of a bunch of riffs I goof over.

Looking forward to what you come up with once more also!