Bard Cards (fun songwriter prompt cards)

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Due to odd turns of events I ended up making these songwriting cards after last FAWM. They have different types of prompts like theme, time signature, tempo, chord progression etc. Smile

The idea is that you pick cards from a deck and write a song based on them.

You can print the cards free at our website or if you want to support me and future expansion sets for the game, you can head to TheGameCrafter and order a very premium printed deck with a box and everything.

Here's the website:

And here you can see the deck in action:

Ah, I have to get my printer working again (it's on strike right now)! What a lovely idea!

I plan to make videos of the songs I write with my Bard Cards - from start to finished song - It's worth it to order the set - I wasn't interested in all the time and energy of DIY that came with printing them out.