Well FAWM2018 is over and... it is time for...

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Our pre-5090 post FAWM Forum Conversations...

-- FAWM2018 was great aye! -->> Why, name 3 things

-- How many are engaging the paradigm shifting "Album Challenge"? -->> Permanent change for you, aye?

-- One-thing, new you learned? Aye?

FAWM -- yes! Yes it was. 3 things aye...
Harmonica-compliation went well;
FAWMlings focused centurian Hosting went well, @metalfoot -->>very first for that one! Wink hahhh... (he won the right to Host the next one);
Co-writes of lyrics, separate versions (interesting kind of collab I think...) with @billwhite51 and @kc5

Yes, now I just go direct to ustaknow.bandcamp.com ! -- lots less work and can still re-record-mix.

Actually, New-folks as always at FAWM --the best part of it for me, new every time!

Well done everyone who took part in FAWM 2018!

July 4th here we come Smile

3 great things about FAWM:
Getting a bunch of new songs written that didn't exist before
Convincing my friend to FAWM with me and hearing his new songs as they happened
Collaborating with some beautiful writers, including @charliecheney Smile

I learned some new ways to play guitar, and I used Google Docs to write in a new way - lots of stream-of-consciousness notes, followed by editing to death!