NaSoAlMo 2017 - Aftermath

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My NaSoAlMo 2017 album (for a free download name your price as zero) for those who may wish to listen

Congrats, Andy! Track 1 glitched on me at first, but it seems to be ok. Did you do this AND Nanowrimo?!?

Wow, that's a whole lotta work and after 5090... prolific writer indeed! Most excellent!

@iveg I also did both NaSoAlMo and NaNoWriMo. Extra challenge!

Thanks @iveg! I basically used the NaNoWriMo word count to freewrite song ideas, plus I did use an equivalent of 1,000 words per recording. I had more lyrics that did not get completed. [@武道会] my goal was a completed song a day, so I did not quite get there, but feel like I got a few decent songs. @metalfoot well done!

congrats andy!!! great subject and idea for an album, too!

Metalfoot & Andy: Nano... Congrats to you both! I flirted briefly with an idea, but when it smiled back, I saw missing teeth, long nose hair, etc. I ran away as fast as I could.