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I was chosen Stagelight's Artist of the Month - Stagelight is a music production application and I use it to make my loops and midi's.

Thank you.


Congratz, Tasha. That's great to hear.

Woohooo Tasha, congratulations!

"Clap, clap, clap..., whissstle, whissstle..." Most excellent... ... !


That's spectacular! Congrats! Smile

Hey @Tasha Parker Gibbs
Does that platform, or do you know of one where I can feed in Lyrics and "it" generates backup vocals, like at a turn around, end of a musical phrase, chorus...

I know I can use a Telicon Pedal, a "harmonizer" and record myself an octave or two up... but, in this case was seeking easy for demo to "see if" and could then say to a vocalist, "see like this here", etc. I don't care for processed vocals in what I do, even am very light on Reverb... so don't engage allot of software.

I thought may you or some lurker here Lol is an expert on this stuff, --it was just something I was thinking about.

-- I've seen folks use those harmony pedals and the live audience reaction does not always appear that it sounds seamless to them. Especially when folks immediately start to ask each other, "is that them or are they processing the vocals"... --very distracting sometimes, more than helpful.

-- Again, anyway, for the above, bravo, bravo... Smile

Hi! Stagelight is more a midi - and - loop editor - you have effects and pedals, but I record my vocals in Reaper, as well as some of my instruments. In Band in a Box, by PG music, there is a function called "melodist" that creates back-up vocals based on the melody to the composer's specifications - note by note or a set interval - the presets give you everything from a third above melody to a full 8 peice SSAATTBB male and female - I've only used it once, and barely then -

As for pedals - I do not perform live with electronic instruments, so I can't help you there. For performance, I'm old school - get friends to sing backup LOL Smile

Thank you. Smile

Congrats! I'm listening to "Event Horizon" right now.