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Odd one, this: I'm listed as a collaborator for the All Summer Long Kaiju ( ) and it's been added to my song count, but it doesn't appear amongst the songs listed on my profile.

@Eric Distad, any ideas?

As we spoke about on the Facebook, it's likely locked.

Eric or a moderator may be able to unlock it for you, but I would think it would have to be a compelling reason to do so.

I believe this is because the number of collaborators exceeds 8. There is a limit to how many collaborators can be parsed by the view that displays songs on the profile. There isn't a good fix for it. You'll note that @Rob From Amersfoort doesn't have it displayed on his either. You're number 9 and he's number 10. Multiple Colaborators on a song has always been problematic from a system perspective. I'm not sure what to recommend in this case. Sorry.

@Eric Distad and @headfirstonly - the workaround is fairly simple. As in FAWM, you add another song with the two other collaborators. Obviously too late to do that this season. What would help is if you couldn't add more than 8 collaborators so everyone knows they have a decision to make. Multiple song posts or what have you.

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Ok, now I understand the discrepancy in @headfirstonly's listed songs