Anybody here like counry music?

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just posted bandcamp album of country songs from 50 90 2017

I like that you call it 'The Country Side' of you. Will have a listen!

Oh, really liked tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11 -- feel, rhythm, hook, and that I could cover them.

Also, being a bit on the drummer side, could hear in my head a heavy kit in some.

I don't know, "maybe I'm uptight, maybe she's right" Lol hahhh... some nice R&B writing in them!

So, you must be a bit hit in the local clubs in Peru... I'd lead with that, #1 R&B Peru...
Smile I had a friend, this has been years ago, we were both in law enforcement together..., he was from Peru... how are things down there now? Well, I guess the music scene is ok... you're there!

thanks for replying. let me know what you think after listening.

right now the whole country is thrilled that , for the first time in 30 years, they have a good chance of going to the world cup. as for music, they love the traditional music of their villages so much that they have no time for gringo music, with the exception of michael jackson and some heavy metal bands from the 80s...the result being that i havent played live in five years. however, when i lived in the small fishing village of ilo i was rated #1 in that vicinity on, reverbnation. so thanks for listening and for your comments. it looks like you like the more classic country sounds, which suits my tastes as well. on twitter, i described the album as neo classicial country for the 21st century. one thing about wriiting 130 songs in three months is that you really discover where your limitations are, so now i am working on expanding my musical vocabulary for februarys 14, sometimes living in peru is like being stuck in a flintstones cartoon. i live in a pretty rough barrio populated with andes people who fled the terrorists in the 80s and now are luck if they can earn a dollar an hour. the former president and his wife are, like so many peruvian presidents before them, in prison now..and he was one of the better presidents. the mayor of lima, however, is a master thief. the difference between peru and the US is that people here accept the politicians as a criminal class, while the citizens of the US believe themselves to be an acting arm of a government that represents them.

Hey @billwhite51 -- all, very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to tell a bit more of your story.

So, Peru hasn't change then Lol

I had another friend, a neighbor who's moved now. He married a Peruvian woman, and went to visit family. The "mistake" he made was, as he said, "they didn't go to a good will clothes contribution bin" and dress in those clothes. They were followed out of town, stopped, robbed, but not killed. He was from puerto rico and spoke perfectly and etc. So, the only way they were known as Americans if not EU's, was their, again as he said, "unwise choice" of how they dressed.

-- He said he thought he'd loose his life that day. But, he got very indignant when got rough with his wife and warned them... I guess some still respect "that" or thought, "who is this guy" Smile ? I guess there were half a dozen with machine guns.

Life, it's a puzzle!

-- I think you are a very good lyricist
And, for "me", -- when I get that syncopated beat in the syntax with the words, well, that works for me. But, hey, others like other stuff too. It's funny, as I say, feedback is always about the person giving it, not the "art" ... I like in your stuff, how "I" like to play, Hahhh!!! At least I know "myself" Smile