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Random collaboratos are in desparate need for a singer. We've created our song some time ago but so far couldn't find the singer. Please kindly let us know if you are interested, can send the piano track separately and the piano track with my vocal guide. Thank you.

I'll have a go.

Thank you Roddy. I'll send you my pm.

Cindy created very beautiful lyrics to my instrumental and one of Cindy's lyrics has connection with my music. We were both wondering whether someone would be happy to sing two of our songs. Please kindly let us know.
Thank you.

Which song is it?

Hi Alex, there are two songs. Please let me know if you are happy to sing one or both. The links are



I can send the files tomorrow.

Thank you,


Too late, I know, but I would love to sing "The Clock Is Ticking" if you're still looking for it.

Thank you Alex, I sent you the file. Looking forward to hearing it.

Glad I was able to do that for you and Cindy, Nadia!

Thank you Alex, you've done a great job. Both Cindy and me are delighted and very grateful. Beautiful vocals. Love how the song came out. Thank you for being able to sing it. Hope we collaborate again when you get the chance.

Yes, whomever Alex is, as commented, -- nice job. And, to all the rest, the same. I was wondering how this was gonna be.

Thank you for your support. Thank you both Roddy and Alex for singing. Without you we wouldn't be able to post these songs.
Happy and productive Autumn.
I'm here as long as possible.