Not Long For This World

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Not Long For This World

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Liner Notes: 

Came across this poem I wrote after my Dad died and thought I would share it.


Not Long For This World
© 2017 Cindy Prince

He walked slowly, with pain,
And didn't look very much like himself.
I remember thinking,
That last time I saw him alive,
That he wasn't long for this world.

It is painful, even now,
All these years later.
I wanted to hold him so tight!
I wanted to somehow change
What was before my very eyes.

But he was on his own journey,
Looking forward to the other side,
And so tired of a body
That kept him grounded
When he so wanted to fly.

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Such a tender memory and special song that captures and conveys such love!

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Oh, so tender! Thank you for sharing.

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Very beautiful poem, loving, sad and gentle. A true tribute to your dad. Thank you for writing it. I was reading your poem and then just clicked on one of my pieces and thought they could go together. Please take a listen. I can record my vocal guide to give you an idea. Just a thought though. I don't know if someone is already collaborating with you on your beautiful lyric.

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I think it just might work Nadia! It is utterly beautiful and has the same feel as my poem. Let's do this!

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That last verse is beautifully sad. I totally relate and think it is so nice you wanted to share such a personal journey. Hugs