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My favourite 5090 game!
Sign up below to be in the chain, each person in the chain writes a song like this:

1. Seed song
2. ANTI - The "opposite" or "anti" of song 1.
3. SYN - The "synthesis" of songs 1 and 2.
4. ANTI - The "anti" of song 3.
5. SYN -The "synthesis" of songs 3 and 4.
etc etc.

We need a "seed" song to start things off. Anyone have a song they could donate to the cause? then you can jump in further down the chain to play when it has moved away from your original.

Roll Up Roll Up!!

Ok, here's the list so far. Thanks AndyGetch for a starting song. Let's get cracking, I can shuffle the order if it doesn't suit. Let me know. Have fun!

Seed song- - @AndyGetch
ANTI - @Scubed -
SYN - @colgoo -
ANTI - @plainwhitetoast *22106
SYN - @wobbie wobbit -
ANTI - @Jibbidy34 -
SYN - @iveg -
ANTI - @simpleiscomplex
SYN - @izaak - *24535
ANTI - @Powerstars - *25085
SYN - [@Corinne Lucy] -
ANTI - @AndyGetch -

I don't have a seed song, but I would like to play.

Pick me! This might work for a seed song
and/or I can be anti or syn at the end

I'll play!

I'm in!

thank you, I have updated the post with the list so far.

I'd like to do an ANTI version of a song (I'm not good at SYN...)

Hello everybody! My favourite game....I'll play Smile

I don't care if I'm Auntie or Sin, I just don't want to be at the end of a chain again!

Sign me in Smile

I'm down for this! Smile

@plainwhitetoast, are you on it? I can shuffle order if not so we can get it going sooner, if you are on it hope you're having fun.

@wobbie wobbit yes, please move me down the list, I think. I suddenly got busier than expected. I should've said something

Ok thanks, @Scubed are you up for the first ANTI? or if not anyone else who is ready to start?

Yes, @wobbie wobbit, I can start. I''l jump right on it!

hooray thanks @Scubed Have fun !

Here's my antithesis of @AndyGetch's great song:

Thanks for running the game, @wobbie wobbit! It's sooo much fun! Smile

@wobbie wobbit oh, put me in the queue, pretty please!? I'll play either role, but I'm slightly partial to sin. I mean syn. Smile

thanks @Scubed... @colgoo Your turn!

I'll try to come up with my song over the weekend....I'm on vacation and get back home on Sunday. I'll be recording a bunch of stuff once I'm home.

I'm done.

You're next

thanks @colgoo. @plainwhitetoast are you ready yet or if not anyone else want to swap in?

@wobbie wobbit
Hey, yeah. I can get it done in the next couple of days.

cool have fun Smile

@wobbie wobbit
I'm done. I guess that means that you are "it."

They Will Never Fall *22106

thanks @plainwhitetoast wow i haven't listened to the early ones yet but just my 2 on my turn are way big for me i hope i can do it justice, have started trying to pick my way in but prob the most challenging Auntie Sin for me yet... Big Stuff! look forward to hearing the rest done so far after my turn.

@wobbie wobbit - I find the syns to be more difficult than the anties. Have fun. You'll do fine.
It's always fun going back and listening to the whole series afterward.

phew sorry for taking a bit long but i have done mine best i can Smile
@tootoobee You're up!

OK Smile

just got back from a week with not much internet - how's it going @tootoobee?

@tootoobee Are you there? If we don't hear from you would anyone else like to step up for this slot? it has been stuck on this turn for 12 days now, sorry I have been away and not prodding.

@wobbie wobbit sorry for the delay Sad I'm afraid I have to drop out of the chain, I did have an idea but this summer songwriting does not seem to work for me.

OK. Rather than me shuffling list, who would like to step in sharpish for this turn to get us going again (Anti position)?

I'll pick it up no probs. Been looking forward to this! Are you happy for me to step in?

go for it @Jibbidy34! Good Luck and Have Fun!

I have shuffled the rest of the list a bit to try to keep the ANTI/SYN preferences where stated, but some have had to swap roles from original list.

Here it is - my Anti in response to @wobbie wobbit

@wobbie wobbit It's going to be a few days to a week before I can take on something like this, so you'd better move me down the list a little.

have shuffled again... let me know at the time if not suitable, i'm sure we can jump around!

thanks @Jibbidy34 @iveg - are you up for your turn now?

On it like... Ummm.

@iveg - Okay, I will go listen to it now and see what I can do.

Good luck. Have fun Smile

oops been camping again.... sorry to not poke you... how is it going @simpleiscomplex ? been a long time, sorry not to jolly it along, was hoping it was ticking along... if no reply anyone else want to step in?... new recruits welcome!

I'm ready to roll whenever... do you want me to pick up your anti - @simpleiscomplex , or does anyone else want in??? The synthesis is more challenging/fun for me, but I'm happy to switch if it gets the ball re-rolling...

@wobbie wobbit, @izaak, I've had some technical difficulties but I'm almost done and was hoping to post it tonight!

Sounds good @simpleiscomplex I'll be on deck to synthesize it with its source song... Smile

great, looks like we are still rolling Smile look forward to hearing it and thanks izaak for being in the wings ready

@simpleiscomplex How are you getting on? I know you had something nearly finished, are you able to post soon, as we are 2 and a half weeks into this turn? Good luck getting it finished/posted Smile

@simpleiscomplex are you there still?