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I've been nuking spam accounts. (We just had two a few moments ago.) I'll keep a running list of accounts that we've blocked. If you use one as a band name (for the 10 EP challenge, for instance) or as a song title or in a song lyric then please tag it: spam

Edited to add:
And after suggestions from the audience. If you use one of these as a prompt and want to release your song on a compilation album (bandcamp only at this point) after 50/90 then also tag the song with spamalbum. I'll post it (unless someone else wants to) afterwards. We may have to have an official release email on file to do so. I'll come up with something if we deem it necessary. (Fine print, you retain all rights but agree to release the song on this one compilation type of thing.)


Oh, I like loactionshoot... lunarhuddle has a nice ring to it too! I once did, a loactionshoot inside a lunarhuddle, all I got was a nobubbletruth :p

Anyway, great work mr. elliott!

Thank you!

Ha, these are great. I particularly like limitedpodiatrist and samuraiumpire. Can definitely see myself returning to this thread a few times, cheers TC!

When I first saw this I thought it would be a challenge to write songs based on junk mail, but yeah, the spammer names are less alphanumeric than years past and using them for band names is even cooler. I am LOL inspired by Mercileswaffle (I love waffles) and architectureshrubbery (tried architecture and switched to engineering, or there is the Knights of Nicht angle). Thinking it would be fun if we also tagged the song(s) with the band name to foster collaboration and/or compilation.

Power Line Runaway sounds poignant. I'd write that song.

This thread actually inspired me to think of creating songs or lyrics based around spam emails received; subjects or text, or both. A Nigerian prince has selected me to write his story, if only I send him my checking account details!

I love the idea of compiling a song for each username when 50/90 ends. The Spam Album.

That's a great idea, guys and gals. Anyone who wants to put their spam challenge song on a bandcamp release after 50/90 just say so here. Maybe tag the song spamalbum? One of us can put them up afterwards. (I'll do it if no-one else wants to.)

Love this idea!
Expect at least a bass player's handful of these used as titles for some of mine this time round.

This is a hilarious and awesome challenge! I'm definitely digging some of these, "Gold Coast Horrified" definitely sounds like a great song, or maybe album! So many good ones hahaha

LOL Fancysnore... I should have picked that as my FAWM name Biggrin

"Powerline Runaway" is a bottleneck slide instrumental just waiting to be created. hehe

"Dragondreams and the Lickspittle Senators" is my new band name! Biggrin

@Deaf Steever "Powerline Runaway" Hints at a story in those 2 words already!

This challenge makes my day. Leave it to creative artists to turn a nuisance into material for art!

Itsa Title maker... for sure
Russ Dirol

You haven't banned him yet, but fallopian theory sounds kinda cool - maybe the title album track for my band fuzzy named - Schrodinger's Corpse.

I think this group needs to be moderator approved enrollment. Further, I don't particularly like the general public having access to our forum (songs?) without being logged in.

I've added a couple more names to the list.

@jcollins Can you select the option on your song posting for either everyone, logged in only or private (only you)? I think so, but I forget. I'll have to check it out

We are adding some exclusions to the enrollment list, but really it has been a very minor issue so far. I'm sure Eric is considering other options, but for now I don't see how a few extra spam threads for an hour or two (before a mod nabs them and blocks the accounts) is too big a deal. And I seriously doubt any of those bots are going to listen to any of our songs... and if they do, they probably won't comment *sniff*

@tcelliott I prefer to keep our forum discussions right here in the group and for members only. I don't care about the audio as I can kill the links anytime I want to.

Ah, I got what you mean. It doesn't bother me, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings to have more privacy rather than less.

@Dragondreams Can I just say that the term "bass player's handful" is amazing?

@Tasha Parker Gibbs
There's a 50% chance that it's Schrodinger's Corpse only half the time.
Russ Dirol

And that's why I'm only using it for some of 50/90 Smile LOL ... @thetau

You can, and thank you! Biggrin
Shhhhhh... Don't tell the others, but I'm really a bass player. The six string stuff is just so I can infiltrate the limelight... Wink

@Dragondreams is a bass player's handful only 2/3 of a guitarist's share, but twice as heavy? What do those convert to in Chapman Stick units?

We bass plank spankers do more with less, so it about balances out. Wink
Stickmen do it with decimals, so it's ten sixths of half an ounce times four to the power twelve. Or a banana, whichever is closer.

Some of those are absolutely hilarious. Abdomenribbit? Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I got a frog in my tummy... LOL Sounds like the makings of a good children's blues song.

Cutsluge has been blocked.

houghton63 has been blocked.

I've also added: weibel59


have all been blocked.

oh, and flightsgoogle as well.

And rallyeconomist

Were all blocked.

greedyleverage and rabblechoice have both been blocked.

@Eric Distad both accounts were if you want to mess with it.


raftersticky and promotionaleritrean were both blocked....

they too had accounts:

I also blocked xixezigowa97 as the only post was a reply that was translated poorly and had a spam link.


vengefulwharf has been blocked. Their email ends in:

Dakota50 has been blocked. Their email ends in:

@Eric Distad Is there a way to block all emails that end in .space?

That Dakota spam was only one forum post, but there is nothing on the profile, no bio or song or anything so I took it out.


Joseph (something) was blocked. Had a public email account. Kind of weird.

artpiggy (although I kinda liked this one)
lockerwindows were all blocked and all had emails which we should be blocking asap.

@Eric Distad

thanks much

bluegrassthrushe was blocked his email was