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Mornin' all!

I'm in Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham.

Hope you all have a good one.

Big waves across the Irish sea Pete Smile

(well across the whole of Ireland too lol)

Hello @Amanda West !!


Anyone in Somerset ? That's where I am from.

Derbyshire here. It's hot. Hello everybody!

Hello from Perth, Scotland.

Hello from a trailer near Brighton

Hello from the Scottish Borders.

I live in Portland, Oregon--but I'll be spending a week in London and then a week in a farmhouse/recording studio on the Sheepshead in Ireland, starting July 10. I'm sure my wife and daughter won't mind if people want to pop over to Ireland and lay down a few tracks.

hello from North London Smile have a great Summer of Songs!

We will be down in Peckham, which I've heard characterized as a charming up-and-coming sort of place by some, and as a total shithole by others. Speaking of North London, we're planning on checking out Ottolenghi's flagship restaurant somewhere up there.

@fresh spotless youth This is on while you're in London - it may be of interest... https://www.vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/pink-floyd

Cambridge here.

Reading. Represent.

Greetings from York!

Greetings from Newark in Nottinghamshire Smile

I'm from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire. I've had a really slow start bc I've been busy but I'm hoping to kick on now and get some stuff recorded. Smile

Lincolnshire, in between Sleaford and Bourne.

@roadregu - we still need to meet up and collaborate!

Sheffield calling! Been trying to convince the rest of the Sheffield FAWM collective to come out and play but it's hard work

Who are the others?

I'll be in Somerset for 2 weeks from the 26th July, if anyone is nearby for coffee ?

@fresh spotless youth I live in Ireland Smile

Hope you have a lovely time in Somerset, Amanda. Smile

I'm hoping to contribute more than last year (one!). Will probably be modular synth jams as opposed to conventional songs Smile Dunno, we'll see. Mashed up baby wailing to sick beats?! Might work...