Need more songwriting? National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo) is live!

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For anybody still here ready to start writing in November, I have participated (and met the write 29:09 of songs challenge) since 2012. Now I am a moderator at NaSoAlMo. It is a lot quieter there than here, and mainly for solo projects (but no one really is checking). So don't expect the big warm and fuzzy community of FAWM or even 5090. But hey, I'm there to write songs. If you are interested, check out the website

Intriguing but I must pass on account of my NaNoWriMo ML duties.

Last year I started and album that I still need to finish.... but this year I might do some hurried post-punk songs just to do them... maybe.

While on 5090 site:

Nice Bandcamp page you got there AG. Nice setup. Maybe, if knew ahead of 5090... wudda uzed dem to start with and geterdunn.

But, that's not for prior started, all new, end to end it seems.

I see, read perfectionism is not the point..., yes, it couldn't be with me... I have so much ambient noise, well, for recording. It's pretty quiet here, but not when powered mics are on, and, etc.

Maybe, I'll observe... -- glad u posted this. Who knew this stuff exists/ed : ) Wow, solo, album quality in 30 days... that's tough. An album is like, 8 tracks min, 10-12 average, 15 songs so they don't feel cheated : ) and all award winners too, no "fillers".

Just read the FAQ, -- I see... just do it! : )

While on the Roctober site forum:
And, hmmm, that's a little confusing... I respond on 5090, but shows in Roctober too... (logged in, since just checked the Album site), --hope, no one gets confused since may look like I'm here, and not, --and have no idea if responded to in Roctober context, but still speaking 5090 context -- Considering the confusion cited in posts in same Website : ) in prior times of this subway ride : )

@metalfoot cool. @tcelliott I'll be looking for you or will it be pigfarmer again? @nutation yes it's very different on NaSoAlMo. I hope to see you there. Rocktober, I have some recordings to post.

Thanks AG, -- I am here on 5090 using the profile list, to go down, as an index to work against. (So, no one should get confused in, "Roctober", etc., -- not really over there, so to speak.)

It's what I did on FAWM..., although, found the navigation changed in an unusual way after a time... , guessing will happen here at some point, -- loose specific navigation.

If I leave it all "here" (5090), then, I'll better get through it all. I am taking "chunks" of ~5 songs. I've eliminate, and relinquished back to Notes (who knows...? : ) ... I think I have 1 I like-like, and one I'd play as filler in the first ~10.

If I get 5 I like-like in the end, then I have, maintain a, 40 or so book, since circa '05 I've been doing "this" for myself.

There was nothing back then... -- but, a while nutha-diskushen : )

I never thought having so much material could be a deterrent, but, find it can be, -- wow... (Well this and that I did "bond" with the whole NAF flute thing... surprise to me; but anything based upon an extended scale Pentatonic scale ... "resonates", with me, -- hah!

(I got so emersed in that NAF flute stuff, I Actually started fixing, re-tuning them, -- a big issue it seems. But mostly due to folks not understanding it is, or can be an engineered instrument. I have no desire the build them. But, once folks are attached to them, they are interests in correction, fixing, not many seem to do that, AFAIK : ). See, -- another rabbit trail, omg! : )

Yeah, what the hell, I'm in.

I signed up last night under a band name with the idea of doing an album in a day. We'll see if/when I do that, but I've got aspirations.

@AndyGetch I signed up as The Dead Ambassadors this time. We'll see if it works out as planned.

I signed up as well (using the name 'mike skliar)

Not sure if it'll happen for me, but the idea i have is that as of now my last album ('Need you in november') and about half the one before (How low can we go?') were political in nature, and i'd like to write a group of completely non-political, non-topical songs .. maybe even a bunch of instrumentals? who knows,.....but something totally different then the last few. (For anyone curious, the last few have been all on bandcamp)

I am there under Michael Karns. Gonna be fun, but I have no idea where it will lead!

I have literally just this minute realised that Michael Karns = JamKar, even though I think you have the same picture of FB as on 50/90...

@metalfoot Yay NaNoWriMo!

Brrrse is now Tasha Parker Gibbs. And I signed up.

and (partly due to nat'l solo album month, but might have done something anyway) i have two new albums out- the first is a mini-album (ep) dealing with post-election stuff, called 'love trumps hate' and its on bandcamp. The second one (also a bandcamp link, see below) is a first for me, an all-instrumental all-electronica album...

congratulations @mike skliar!

Happy 2017 of songwriting Smile !